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12. YLC How to Identify the Correct Method of Solving a Math Problem

How to Identify the Correct Method of Solving a Math Problem

The most important thing to know when solving a math problem is to know what to look for. A required procedure is to be used when solving a math problem that the student should be familiar with. The only way students are able to memorise these strategies are with practice. Primary mathematics tuition provide the child with different levels of math problems according to how efficiently the child is able to solve the problems. These math enrichment centres also teach them the correct steps that have to be followed when solving a math problem.

There are four main steps for solving a math problem

1.Identify the clues

the child has to read the given problem carefully and underline and of the clue words that are given in the sum. Then they have to identify whether they have done a similar type of sum before and decide what was similar about it. They then ask themselves what they need to solve the problem and what facts are given to them. Finally they have to identify what they need to find.

2.Choosing a game plan

there are various ways in which a problem can be solved so this is the most important step of all. Using the similarities that they had identified in the sum they have to think about what they did in the case of the previously solved similar sum and come up for a game plan for this one. Then they define the strategy that they are going to use and try it out on the sum. If the strategy does not work in the first try it can lead to a light bulb moment as to which strategy will work.

3.Solve the problem

using the strategy that they identified they can then solve the sums.

4.Reflect on the solution

finding the solution to a problem is not the last step to getting the right answer. It is very important that the child reflect on the answer that they have fund and decide if it makes sense. Is the answer that they found a probable solution to the question; is the answer written in the language of the question and also most importantly are the units used in the question and the answer the same?

Using these few steps a child can solve any problem that is given to them without getting overwhelmed by a difficult problem.

How to help your child improve their aptitude for mathematics

Why is Mathematics important for your child?

Mathematics is important for everyone. It is a basic necessity of life. Knowing how to calculate is something that is needed every day. In order to calculate one must have sound knowledge of numbers. It is very important that this knowledge of numbers and calculation is inculcated in a child from a very young age. It is the duty and responsibility of parents to ensure that their child has a functional knowledge of mathematics. Maths enrichment for K1 children is of utmost importance. There are several reasons why your child should be well versed in mathematics:

  • Having a sound knowledge of mathematics ensure that you can think logically and solve problems.
  • It also helps your child to understand the cause of the problem (all this being a part of logical thinking) and thereby give a particular solution to it.
  • Children nowadays, from a very young age are well versed with calculators on phone. Thus mathematics indirectly teaches the child about technology as well.
  • In the long run, having a good knowledge of mathematics helps the child to keep a track of his or her life, by knowing what the daily expenses are and how to manage them.
  • Finally, mathematical knowledge is crucial in knowing time and money management which is a basic necessity in everyday life.

How to improve mathematical aptitude?

  • There are several ways in which you can help your child to improve their aptitude in mathematics. But there are some initial steps that must be followed:
  • Firstly, understand the child’s attitude towards the subject. If the child is reluctant towards developing his or her numeric skills, then you have to put in extra effort to develop his or her interest.
  • Make your child believe that they can solve any mathematical problem. This will reinforce their belief in their capability to solve the problem, which in turn will make mathematics more interesting for them.
  • Ensure that your child understand mathematical concepts very clearly so that they can understand the premise of the mathematical problem they are expected to solve. Maths enrichment for K1 help in making these concepts clearer.
  • Neat presentation will make your child take a keen interest in the subject. Hence encourage your child to write the numbers neatly.
  • Not everything your child will be able to solve on their own. Hence help them with any mathematical problem as and when they need it.

These steps will ensure that your child has a better aptitude in mathematics.