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How To Discipline A Nursery Kid? – Teacher Points

Discipline – A word. But, what goes on in the mind of a toddler when he/she hears a word like this? Will it even make sense to them? Well, many people try to equate this with a kind of punishment they give for a wrong behavior or a spanking.

Sorry teachers! That’s not exactly the point behind this article. Many child psychology experts reveal this word, ‘discipline’, is all about setting real rules. Those rules can help stop the tiny human from growing up into an aggressive, inappropriate and dangerous individual. And when he/she breaks the rules, they also need to be aware of the consequences. In fact, it is about being a strict boss on the job!

Strategies –

Right words – As a teacher, the rule of thumb in the class is to avoid the “No” formula. From feel that kindergarten school is like stuffing the kid with books , the point is clear that the right type of words used in the class makes their battle easy in managing the behavior of kids. The reason for this is, kids get confused when “no”, “never” and “don’t” are used. They won’t know if they need to take the instruction seriously or not! Be simple in defining what rules need to be followed in the class, the Do’s and Don’ts, and set the limits that should always be followed, with appropriate consequences when the limits have been crossed.

Know those trigger points – For some kids, removing objects from their rightful place is fun while for others, running around the class itself is. So, every child is unique and requires a different kind of approach to handle and trigger that behavior. For instance, if during an activity the kid is removing all the art supplies and keeping it in the place they like, don’t start lecturing on it. Instead, move those supplies to a higher shelf, out of their reach. If the kid is running around in the class, be silent and make the class silent as well and go on with the work as if no one is observing him/her. They will eventually make their way back.

No emotions in the class – Sometimes or most of the time, it’s very hard for a nursery teacher to control a few emotions and stop being frustrated. But then remember, a teacher is the strongest human from the kid’s point of view, so they expect some assertiveness. Also, they know somewhere in their hearts that it is the teacher who can control them. In case of unmanageable misbehavior, don’t express the anger first! Resist from raising your voice. Instead, take a deep long breath and make a firm eye contact with the child. Be stern, serious as well as fast in delivering the reprimand.

These are the most important strategies that can be ranked top in understanding as well as managing the behavior of a nursery kid.

6 Reasons for choosing Montessori nursery school

There are many nursery schools in Singapore based on different philosophies but Montessori methodology based nursery schools are the best schools in Singapore. In these preschools, teachers acts as a director who directs the students how to learn new things in an interesting way. The kids are provided with the learning material based on their interests and talents. The other reasons for choosing the Montessori preschool are the following:-

Encourage creativity:-

The teachers try to develop the creative mind of the children by allowing them to select activities on their own terms. The students perform their tasks with great joy, focusing more on process rather than result. They also get exposure to various cultures; it will help them to widen their thoughts about the world.

Hands-on learning method:-

Montessori nursery schools in Singapore emphasise on hands-on learning. The teachers focus more on practical life lessons. For example, kids learn basic mathematic skills by counting beads and rocks. Thus students are taught lessons in a tactile or physical manner.

Make children independent:-

All things are placed at specific locations on the shelves of a classroom. The kids have to keep all the objects at suitable places after they are finished with their tasks. In this way, the children start becoming responsible at the age of three or more. This sense of order also makes kids aware of the need for an orderly environment.

Cooperative behavior:-

The students also learn how to cooperate with each other when they perform many activities by forming a group. The teachers also teach them how to respect one another by organizing a dramatic play. So children will also learn social skills in the Montessori school.

Age-appropriate curriculums and programs:-

The Montessori curriculum focuses on academic skills as well as motor skills. The lessons given by the teachers lay the foundation for overall development of a child. The staff are also supportive and help each and every kid whenever he or she faces any difficulty in any subject. They make the children write when they feel that the fine muscles of their hands are completely ready for it.

Kids learn self-discipline in a natural way:-

The children in the Montessori nursery school work at their own pace. The teachers make certain of “ground rules” that each child has to follow. So this kind of atmosphere develops the quality of self-discipline among the kids. In addition to this, they also learn self-control, concentration, etc.

Thus you can understand how effective the Montessori philosophy is. According to a study conducted by a professor of university of Virginia, it is found that the students who have attended Montessori nursery schools have higher reading and math skills as compared to those who studied in public schools. The social development is also discovered higher in Montessori students of age 12 years in comparison to non-Montessori students. The Montessori preschools also have good teacher to student ratio. Thus you should select Montessori nursery school for a better future for your child.