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Reasons Why A Teacher Is The Second Mother Of A Kid

Kids spend a lot of their time in school. Most of their waking hours are spent with a teacher in a classroom. It is only natural that the children start to trust the teacher as much as they trust their mothers. Here are a few reasons why the teachers in infant care centres in Singapore can be considered a second mother.

1. She is always there for the student whether it is a math problem or a problem with another student.

2. The teacher is always around to provide direction and guidance in even the smallest of difficulties.

3. The teacher is probably the one who knows the child’s good and bad habits and sometimes even keeps them a secret from the parents. They will help the child find their way back on their own with just a gentle nudge here or there.

4. The teachers can be harsh on the students but they do that out of concern and care because like a mother, they want them to grow up to be the best version of them.

5. It is very tough to be a teacher as it calls for a lot off self-sacrifice.

6. They are the child’s inspiration to follow their dreams.

7. The teachers are always proud of their students.

8. A teacher is so much more than just someone who teaches. She is a guide, a friend, an enemy and sometime even a parent.

10. Unlike others, a teacher is the one person who will be very happy and proud if the child is more successful than they are. They will cheer you up when you fail and celebrate with you when you succeed.

11. A teacher is not afraid to tell the child the truth. She knows that lying and false hopes are not good for the child and even though it may seem harsh, she is training the child to be a better person.

12. She may not always remember the child’s name or she may confuse it with someone else but she will never ever forget a particular child’s personality.

13. The students are always the top priority. No matter what the situation, the teacher will always put herself last.

14. The teacher loves each and every child in her class, even after knowing all their good and bad habits.

There should never be a doubt about the efficiency of teachers in infant care centres in Singapore .