How to Teach Creative Writing to Your Children

One of the issues that often make many parents struggle is the skills of creative writing in their kids. You will find plenty of boring materials that can make your kids become completely frustrated. However, there is an alternative and better way. Check out some of the steps mentioned below, which can make the art of creative writing for kids quite an exciting experience .

Reading is important

Your kids can only become good writers when they are used to reading good books. Make sure that you make it a habit of reading stories to them before going to bed on a daily basis. Inspire them to read a lot. You should never expect your children to have a good creative writing skill if you do not read out to them or if they are not in the habit of reading books on their own. Just discussing sentence structures and grammatical errors with your little ones are not sufficient. Rather, it is more important to help them creatively with language and words. Check out some of those steps for doing so.

Step 1

How about following a weekly routine on having a practice session on creative writing? You should begin the process with words. You can begin the process with interesting-sounding words. Inculcate the habit of collecting words.

Step 2

Discuss synonyms and adjectives. You can hand them a list of words that they should not use. Encourage them to make posters that will highlight these “bad” words.

You need to motivate them to use more descriptive phrases and fill them in that poster. It is the perfect time you introduce them to the interesting world of the thesaurus.

Step 3

This is also the right time for you to talk to them about strong verbs. You can inspire your children to use interesting substitutes for common words, like using the word gobble instead of eating, chattering in place of talking, lumbering instead of walking and so on. Try to create an environment of healthy competition by introducing uncommon words for very simple actions.

Step 4

Start teaching your little ones how they can transform their uninteresting sentences into interesting ones by using strong verbs and adjectives. It has been a favorite exercise with many early educationalists. How they use the words in their sentences can make or break their creative writing assignments. Try teaching them how to create exciting sentences and expanding them.

Creative writing is an essential skill for children to have from child care and kindergarten all the way to high school.

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