Learn about the regulations of Child Care Centres in Singapore

Child care centres in Singapore provide full-day or half-day supervision of five or more children under the age of seven years. The particular Child Care Centres of Singapore Act (Cap. 37A) defines a child care centre as a place where, on a daily basis, more than five children below the age of seven are gathered in order to be supervised and taken care of for an extended period of time.

All child care centres have to be licensed and are subjected to regulations and Acts defined by the legislation of Singapore and the Director of Social Welfare.

The person in charge of the Centre must be above 21 years of age and has had no criminal record pertaining specifically to the Penal code, the Children and Young Persons Act (Cap 38), or any other offence involving child abuse or child neglect, Part XI of the Women’s Charter (Cap 353) or any conviction in the court of law.

The applicants shall duly meet physical requirements, staffing requirements, administrative requirements and conditions for the extension of the Government Child Care Subsidy Scheme to child care centres in Singapore, as approved by the Director of Social Welfare.

The premises must be located in the ground floor of a building; if not, then it should obtain approval from the Director of Social Welfare. The layout of the building must also be such that it does not pose a danger to the children or cause difficulties in supervision.

The Centres must have adequate space for service areas like:

Washing, bathing and dressing

Kitchen and food storage

Supplies and equipment


A separate sickbay

A playground, preferably outdoor

Licensees should submit relevant statements citing the following clearly:

* Daily programme schedule

* Fee structure

* Age of children admitted

* Philosophy of care

* Specific services

* Procedure for registration, admission and withdrawal of the ward

* Procedure for handling illnesses and emergency situations

* Process of transport for children

* Provisions must be made for children that are differently-abled, in order to ensure normalcy and safety in their daily activities.

No child who is undergoing medication or is not vaccinated can be allowed into the institute. This also bars children with infectious diseases.

The authorities are barred from implementing corporal punishment of any form, or using hurtful language. Every employee is to undergo a strict background check prior to recruitment.

Finally, detailed records of the children and staff are to be maintained at the Child Care Centre, which could be subject to the inspection of higher authorities.

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