What are the types of pre-occupational checks?

Do you think that it is legal for an organization to conduct background and pre-employment tests on job applicants? The answer to that question is yes. You see, it is very important for organizations to conduct a thorough check on its job applicants.

If you are a potential candidate for a job and have been asked to take some tests, you might not really get the reason why the test is important, as well as how it affects your chances of being employed.

Often, employers use the series of procedures and tests as a criterion when hiring. In some instances, some of these tests are focused on the skills and abilities of job applicants. Organizations do not use the following criteria’s when hiring –race, sex, origin, religion, and skin colour. One test that is not allowed is a lie detector test.

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Types of Pre occupational tests

Employment test

The reason for the employment test is for an employee to get to know who their job applicants are, where they are from, their skills and expertise and if they will be able to perform well for the job they applied for. The result of these tests will serve as a guide in hiring, this will prevent the manager from hiring people who might not have the expertise or are not fit physically to handle the job they applied for. For more information on this, visit Acumed Singapore blog.

Personality tests

The goal of a personality test is to ascertain the degree to which an individual has certain traits, so as to predict the kind of action they are prone to. Another objective of the personality test is to determine if an individual is fit to handle a job.

The personality test is usually arranged in a manner that will reveal dishonesty on the part of the employee. The reason why a lot of organization takes this test very seriously is that they want to hire people who fit perfectly into the profile of the organization.

Talent test

The reason for the talent test is to help employers predict the future performance of a new staff. This test will determine to a large extent if the new staff will be retained. The major focus of these tests is on the abilities and skill that a job applicant has developed throughout his work history. The talent test has been able to show time and again whether a job applicant will be able to impact positively on an organization and ultimately takes it to new heights.

Cognitive test

This is a dedicated test that is used to measure the following in a job candidate;

  1. Ability to reason
  2. Memory
  3. Arithmetic skill
  4. Reading skill
  5. Perceptual speed as well as accuracy.

The cognitive test is used to identify staffs that are very bright and can contribute immensely to the growth and development of an organization.

Emotional intelligence

An emotional intelligence test is used to determine if an individual will be able to understand the emotions of others. In some cases, it has been used to ascertain if an individual understands his own emotions.

The reason why emotional intelligence test is important is that emotional intelligence improves people’s ability to interact and work hand in hand with their colleagues in a professional manner.

Drug test

Test candidate may be asked to take certain drugs during the test. The role of the drug test is to bring to light the presence of drugs in the system of job applicants.

Physical ability test

The physical ability test is used to measure the physical and mental ability and the overall stamina of job applicants.